From Pac-Man ghosts to the Forbidden West to vinyl treasure hunting and collecting, GENXQT is the web portal to my eclectic, nerdy Gen-X gamer girl galaxy!

Hi, I’m Jaye! Welcome to my gaming haven, where pixels and memories collide and the ’80s rock on. 🤘đŸģ🤓

I’m here to build a community where gaming enthusiasts, vinyl record lovers, and Gen-X nostalgia seekers converge. Follow me on this thrilling journey, and let’s create memories together in the digital realms.

Grab your favorite controller, cozy up with your furry friends, and embark on new adventures with me…

🎮✨ Let the games begin! ✨🕹ī¸


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I didn’t want to play video games anymore đŸĨē


Getting real AF about what happened over the summer, and how it impacted everything in life that brought me joy.



These are the recurring content topics I’m exploring on this platform. Blog posts will be coming to this website soon, so stay tuned! 😎

My "State of Play"

A GENXQT spin on PlayStation’s “State of Play” videos, where I chat about what I’ve been playing, what I plan to play, and how my current gaming is going. Ranges from console games to retro arcade games to table top and beyond!

Live Gameplay Videos

With and without commentary, watch me do well with some games, and terribly with others! I always have a sense of humor no matter how the game goes!

Unboxings & Product Reviews

From wardrobe items fit for a geek to my Funko Pop obsession to my vinyl collection, I love unveiling new stuff and nerding out over it with my audience!

Rebuilding My Vinyl Collection

From single song needle drops to full album playthroughs, this is where we keep the vinyl collection game alive!